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Link Love #1

Link Love - 1

Links, links, links!

Here’s a weekly roundup with a few links to things I’ve been enjoying this week.

To Read 👀

  • Small Space Style — I’ve really enjoyed reading Sophie’s blog for a little while now. She always features really beautifully-styled images as well as always having lots of useful advice on lots of different topics. Her creativity online posts helped me a lot when I made my move over to WordPress. Despite space not really being a luxury in our house, this post was great for working towards a less cluttered home and getting an eye for making the most of your space. Pretty cool what a few good furniture and lighting choices can do.
  • Paprika Chicken in a Butter Thyme Sauce — This week I made my first white wine sauce 💪. I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired in the kitchen recently but I feel like I’ve got a lot more time too so have been on the hunt for new recipes. This was so unbelievably simple and went really well paired with runner beans and rice, I was so pleased! Now I can add white wine sauce to my repertoire.
  • Can You Call a 9 Year Old a Psychopath? — Quite a bit darker than the two above links. Examining whether ‘callous-unemotional’ children are likely to lean towards psychopathy when they get older… It’s actually pretty scary when you see how some of these kids behave. It’s also totally unbelievable that camps are popping up in the US to study these children. I’d recommend this if you’re into this sort of thing, you can blame Jon Ronson for my slightly elevated interest in psychopathy in recent months.

To Watch 🎥

  • Escape and Control — I marathoned through the whole 13 episodes of this as soon as I found it. Jon Ronson investigates lots of different people who have at some point tried to take over the Internet. It includes the man who created Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (WHO IS RIDICULOUS) and some infuriating academics who created a Jon Ronson bot on Twitter. The series has been on Youtube for four years now, it’s always a bit of a bummer when you find a channel you like only to also find they’re no longer uploading.
  • Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared — This has been doing the rounds between my friends for a few weeks now but I’m just going to put it here too. Covering the unsolved missing persons case of Damien Nettles, this is a nicely put together piece of true crime. Without spoiling it, it’s one of those that’s bound to leave you full of theories and a little infuriated.
  • Scream — I wouldn’t necessarily go so far to say that this is something I’ve been enjoying but there’s no denying that it’s been something I’ve been watching! It’s pure cheese but also pretty gorey, I’m at a bit of a loss to work out who exactly this series is for. I loved the Scream movies and this does do a solid job of being ~meta~ but it’s too much most of the time. I can’t cope with all the #hashtagviral talk and by episode 3 it got a little silly. It’s got me holding on but I don’t think I can manage another series of the mystery.

To Listen 🎧

I’m not as up to date with most of the podcasts I follow recently but I’ve noticed that even with rebroadcasts, Freakonomics Radio have been killing it! It’s actually one I look forward to every week at the moment, it makes me feel like I’m learning. 😂

As well as Freakonomics Radio, Risk! was pretty good this week. I’m mainly just sitting here waiting for Strong Opinions, Loosely Held to come back and for Sword & Scales to get good again.

For my Walls.

Sunshine + Mushroom
It wasn’t that the flat was full of art, not by any means, but we did have a certain amount of frames on the wall. Now we’re ‘doing up’ the house, there’s a lot of bare wall space to think about.

Some of the things that used to be on our walls have been relegated to keepsake boxes, other things that have been waiting to be framed for years are still waiting. Even though we’ve no shortage of things to put up, there’s always more to find and a quick browse of Etsy has me full of ideas for our future gallery walls.

[Kate Broughton]
Just give me all the Kate Broughton things, please. This will be great to go next to our Billy bookcase bar.

[Kate Broughton]

[Finlay McNevin]

[Tim Easley]
Perfect to hang in the ‘study’ once it’s no longer full of boxes.

[Bold & Noble]

[Michael Sapienza]

[The Motivated Type]

[1st Class Posters]

[Mostly Harmless]
Unpopular opinion: I didn’t even like Breaking Bad but Better Call Saul is totally my jam.

[Smal Adventure]
I’m generally noticing a mixed up theme of films, lists and animals seems to have come together, I just felt like putting these here because I’ve not done anything a wishlist in a while and they’re all just so pretty I needed to share.

It’s funny because as I was thinking of putting this post together I came across this post on Cup of Jo about the best ways to hang art, some real sound advice.

Look Back | 2014.

2014 has been a really good year, with a summer that seemed to last forever and some pretty big changes that have gone on recently. It’s looking like 2015 might be the year where everything starts to fall into place, and that’s a damn great feeling.

From planning and going on our first group holiday with friends to mini-breaks to Bruges and Ireland, it’s been a good year for going places, literally and figuratively. I’ve started a new job, I’ve taken up a few opportunities thanks to my blog and I’m finally hitting that ‘get saving’ nail on the head.

I’ve been doing a similar thing for the last couple of years now (see 2012 + 2013) and figured that a bit of a retrospective was a good way to round off the year and get pumped for starting fresh from tomorrow.

I hope you have a very happy New Year’s Eve and see in 2015 in the best way for you. We’re having a few friends round for food, board games, cocktails and fireworks – I’m pretty excited about that.





  • We visited our friends Richard and Fran in their new home in Ludlow and had a blast roadtripping to Wales and checking out the Ludlow food centre
  • Making this most of our long Easter weekend. Moon experienced his first play since his schooldays and fell head over heels for immersive theatre and we beat the lead singer of Dry the River in our local pub quiz – There are already a few big plans for 2015’s Easter to put into place, so that’s pretty exciting!



June was a month where I really made the most of summertime, I got to go to the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair thanks to winning tickets from Cider with Rosie and June was the month when our Portugal villa holiday came into fruition – can’t wait to see what we’ll plan for next year, but now we’ve gone villa, I’m pretty certain we can’t go back.


July was the perfect month for a mooch. A lot of time was spent at the Pick Your Own and I took part in my first blogger event, scary and exciting!


August (closely followed by September) was probably my favourite month, and hey, it’s my birthday month so why wouldn’t it be?

  • I went to Bruges and had a fairytale of a time!
  • I visited the Cat Lady Mecca that is Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium and tried my first cronut, which was the bomb!
  • Moon completely spoilt me when I joined the 25 club, taking me to a play and for one of the most badass meals, we’re still dreaming of La Bodega Negra’s prawn tacos to this day!
  • We discovered one of the nicest, free things to see north of Newbury, Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary, well worth a return visit in the spring
  • And of course, Secret Cinema’s Back to the Future, it’s definitely made me love the film even more!


September was a fast-paced, exciting month. I finished working at Garden XL after two years, hung out with friends, had a holiday in Ireland before starting a new job in a completely unfamiliar environment, but hey – past post-grad me would be proud of present me for working in publishing and we had the first engagement announcement in our group of friends! Feels like a lot of time in September was spent by the sea and that can only be a good thing.


I finally started to feel settled in my new job and enjoy Oxford. We also went to what felt like a lot of gigs, including a first watch of Eliza and the Bear, can’t wait for their album!


A couple of weekends in Novemeber were spent travelling across the south of England with trips to Norwich, Bristol and Bath. I was so pleased to welcome back Jamie T and discover a new beautiful city in Norwich.


December has been a funny old month for blogging and was made for getting out there and seeing people rather than sitting down in front of a computer. We visited the Isle of Wight once more for our Secret Santa Christmas get-together and my sister came back from Hong Kong for Christmas after studying there since August, she’ll be back there the middle of next month for a longer stint but I speak to her more now than I did when were in the same country. Christmas has felt really extended this year, with more excuses to meet up, I’ve really enjoyed it this year more than most others in recent memory.

I think I’d give 2014 a solid 8/10, there have been a few downs but far more ups and I feel so positive about what next year holds already!

Merry #Nextmas!

Next is up there in this house. My sofa, which I love, is from Next, I’ll only buy my jeans from Next and I really admire them for being one of the few high-street stores to not stoop to the (in my opinion) ridiculously irrelevant Black Friday discounts.

So naturally, with Christmas coming ever closer, there are quite a few items from Next on my list to Santa this year. Luckily for me, Next have #NextmasWishlist, a fun, festive competition offering the chance to win some goodies.

  1. Christmas Pudding Ballerinas – How cute are these? I’ve never really thought about festive footwear before but it’d be hard to stop wearing these once the season is over.
  2. Moose Table Lamp – Moose seem to be ‘in’ at the moment and I’m totally not complaining. Since I accidently smashed our bedroom light with some overzealous dusting I think this guy would make the perfect replacement.
  3. Cat Igloo Bed – As I’ve constantly been reminded, it’s Christmas for pets too and I’ve been on the look-out for a new bed for little Doll for a while. While she’s pretty content with the box that some Christmas gifts arrived in recently, I can definitely see her in this.
  4. Moose Door Knocker – As I said, moose are in. I definitely think this guy is worth hoarding until we get our own ‘proper’ place.
  5. Joyeaux Noel Luxury Fragranced Diffuser – I’m a sucker for most kinds of home fragrance, and in the absence of a real Christmas tree (not actually something I mind by the way), filling the flat with all sorts of Christmassy smells is just about the next best thing. Having had a whiff of this in the shop, this might be the item on this list that I’m most hankering for.
  6. Flashing Reindeer Christmas Sweater – It wouldn’t be a Christmas wishlist in 2014 without a fancy Christmas jumper. This ones an absolute triple-threat too, not only is it a lovely green with an adorable reindeer print, it features flashing LED light details(!!!)
  7. Light-Up Card Holder – I think this is pretty cute for all year round as a full-on noticeboard but the fact it lights up makes it festive as well as adorable.
  8. Tonal Faux Fur Throw – These faux fur throws are everywhere and I love how luxurious they look. Great for curling up on the sofa or adding additional warmth in bed. They’re softer than the cat too, which is the measurement for all softness.
  9. Oh Wake Up Cuffed Floral Pyjama Set – Florals are good for all year round and winter and the Christmas season are made for pyjamas. Perfect.
  10. Pink + Gold Sports WatchVery similar to a Kate Spade watch I’ve had my eye on, this one comes in at a slightly more purse-friendly price for a fashion watch, which is usually a deal-maker.

It wasn’t hard for me to skim through the Next website and pick out a mixture of the lovely homewares and clothing that they’re so good at.

From a merchandising perspective by the way, the website is brilliant and actually pretty fun to browse, throwing in a great mix of more traditional online shop layout and an interactive catalogue, good job, guys!

You can go to the Next website now too to take part in #NextmasWishlist, with the chance to win up to 10 Next products of your choice, it’s worth a shot, right?

Paper Wishlist.

It’s no secret that I’m a big stationery fan, in fact starting a new notebook is one of those satisfying little things that just brings me joy. That said, with growing older, in the same way I’ve (tried to) work my wardrobe, I’ve found that a few key pieces that I’ll actually use are far more important than picking up every pretty-looking thing I can get my hands on.

I was renowned for starting notebooks and moving onto another one before getting halfway through. Now, I try to make the most of what I’ve got before starting again, we’re still talking about stationery here.

With all that said, Christmas is coming and that marks a point where it’s time to start new diaries and re-write dates to remember in calendars, and with that said, here are four paper-related things on my Christmas wishlist this year.

1 // 2015 Frankie Diary – I picked up a Frankie Diary last year and have used it throughout 2014, still loving its cutesy page designs and having a space to physically write out my weekly plans – Google calendar just isn’t the same but I do put everything everywhere. The likelihood is that I’ll be bagging the 2015 diary as a gift to myself before Christmas rolls around but it’s so beautiful that I thought it was the decent thing to share it with you all the same.

2 // Cat Daddy by Jackson Galaxy – I came across My Cat from Hell a little while ago and as someone whose cat isn’t from hell but is a lot more standoffish than I would like, I do enjoy learning about acceptable cat behaviour and why Doll is the way she is. This book might be a bit of a throwaway and I do have plenty of books on my ‘to-read’ list at the moment but it also seems like an easy read to pass the time over the Christmas holidays.

3 // One Line a Day: A Five Year Memory Book – This looks like the first diary of its kind that might work out pretty well for me. Much easier to do that write a whole entry, it would be really nice to have something like this to look back on.

4 // Rifle Paper Co. 2015 Appointment Calendar – Isn’t this beautiful? I’ve admired the Rifle Paper Company from afar for what feels like ages now but this is the first practical piece of their’s that I’ve genuinely wanted to get my hands on. Like I said, I write everything everywhere and a paper calendar is a must for our kitchen.

Do you have any stationery on your Christmas wishlist this year?