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Adventures in Graphic Design.

Since just after Christmas, I’ve taken on a lot more ‘graphic design stuff‘ at work and I suppose I’ve felt a bit weird about it for a time now because it’s not something I ever really considered as an option before. That said, I bloody enjoy it.

Here’s where I think having a blog can be a really wonderful thing, I can express myself creatively and ultimately it doesn’t matter all that much. I can change my header and background and the way I do things and it either looks better or it doesn’t but nobody really cares. Obviously it doesn’t work quite the same way when doing things ‘for someone’ but it really has helped me practise.

That’s why, and I’m a bit nervous about it, I’d like to share a few things I’ve worked on with you. I’ve just given my blog a little spring facelift and changed a few things too but I’m quite proud of these things. Sure, they’re just silly emails and flyers but I’d like to think a little part of me can shine through with them in terms of style and tone.

It’s not like I want to jump head-first into freelancing or anything but I’ve been thinking that it would be cool to take on a few side-projects. Depending of course on whether there’s any consensus that I’m even any good, it would be good to know what you think.

All your tubing needs.

This is an afternoon well spent, not the finished product as that’s a surprise between me and the company I did it for. Basically, Purple Door at the University of Portsmouth have found me a position as a Creative Lead within a Marketing company, pre-interview prep was essentially showing them what I could to on Indesign using a short brief they provided.

The brief was to create a postcard to go at a till in a builders merchant advertising a particular brand of copper tube for plumbing and heating contractors with the main incentive that if they ‘like’ the brand on Facebook, they can then enter a photo competition and be in the running for winning an iPad.

Here’s hoping this is enough to impress them, I’m quite happy with it, obviously I had to do a bit of Google-image trawling but hopefully they’ll see past that. Coincidently, earlier today I walked passed a builder’s merchants, and they did in fact have post cards at the till, I’ve tried to make mine as different as possible. From what I saw available, they were mainly straight-forward text so I think that part was pretty successful. Thanks to some help from Moon I’ve got something a bit less ‘obvious’ than my initial idea.

Fingers crossed it was worth it. I’m so hungry now.