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I Quit

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On Work-Life Balance and Taking the Plunge.

I’ve been struggling for words over the last month or so, and struggling to find a want to actually even write anything at all.

Investing quite a bit into this blog to migrate it over to WordPress and then life getting in the way all at once was a little demotivating. I guess the biggest thing to happen to me was that I quit my job.

Looking back, and feeling how I feel now – which is actually pretty great by the way – I do kind of wonder what all the fuss was about. With the issue of money aside, being home alone applying for jobs all day is pretty damn boring too. There’s no need to worry, I started a contract last week which is going well. I’m also feeling pretty confident that I’ll find something permanent soon – I just knew I couldn’t stay where I was.

What I know is that basically, if you could fill your days with fun and not go to work, lots of people might choose that option. There are going to be difficult days wherever you end up, but when it’s affecting your mood to the point that you can’t even really verbalise why it’s affecting your mood other than burst in to tears, enough is enough.

Feeling brave.

I started out feeling brave, and then stupid, and then incredibly worried but, 5 or so weeks on and I know I made the right choice. Maybe I’ve lost a little focus along the way but things are sure to get back on track.

When it comes to interviews, I’m feeling pretty well practised now. I didn’t feel I could relax into them before because all I wanted was to leave my old job, now I feel like I really know the difference between when I’ve done well and when I haven’t. I’ve had a few knock-backs; from getting stood up, to interviewers who are far too nosey, to being told I’m either ~too ambitious~ or ~too creative~, I’m not sure either of which are bad things… You’ve sure got to have a thick skin to do this stuff, I’m getting there.

Moon and I have been in this situation before, and I just feel so incredibly lucky to have him. He’s supported me unrelentingly in my decisions and encouraged me no end, and given his experience has offered me so much advice.

Where to next?

I don’t know, I guess I just felt like I should write something, get something out there. I thought taking some time out before whatever job I got next would provide me with the space to get planning on a proper portfolio and making things again but it just didn’t happen like that. Creativity can’t be forced, I guess, but if I’m so darn unemployabley creative, I would have thought it would be have been easier…

Now this is done, normal service should resume shortly, but I won’t be promising anything either.

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