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Project 365 – Week 2/52

Project 365 - Week 2

Second week of August, here we go Project 365!

There’s quite a bit of Moon in this one, which is somewhat unintentional. Actually this week was pretty quiet compared to the one just gone. I wonder how interesting the next couple weeks are going to be with starting a new job. I think that will obviously affect it but I’m hoping it won’t be negatively.

Day 8 »»

Project 365 - Week 2

Bringing a house favourite back to the dinner table with salmon tacos. We from a recipe from Design Love Fest and get great results every time!

Day 9 »»

Project 365 - Week 2

Starting a new fitness regime… obviously sitting on the sofa isn’t part of it.

Day 10 »»

Project 365 - Week 2

I’ve taken up skipping, which is much more intense than I really gave it credit for. How did I find it so easy when I did it as a kid?

Day 11 »»

Project 365 - Week 2

Felt like I’d hardly seen Moon all week – this was taken just after I made him try out some skipping, he was not impressed.

Day 12 »»

Project 365 - Week 2

Cheersing the last Friday at my contract and a nod to the start of the weekend. Mainly cheersing the last Friday of being stuck in an endless Heart FM cycle.

Day 13 »»

Project 365 - Week 2

Barbecuing up a storm by sunset for our weekend guests. We had our friends Tom and Matt to stay over the weekend and had a late lunch so dinner was even later. We’re getting so much use out of the barbecue this year, it’s great.

Day 14 »»

Project 365 - Week 2

We went to check out a local country fair in Stratton Audley. I wish I’d managed to get a better photo of the 60-odd hounds that came bounding out of the kennels. It’s one of the first fairs we’ve been to this year, I wasn’t totally impressed to be honest. For £5 I’d expect a little more than a tiny petting zoo and a couple of equestrian displays.

I’m really enjoying making sure I’m doing this so far, and I’ve been keeping up with the 1 Second a Day video too. I’ve also shot a bunch of home video recently, looking forward to putting it together!

You can catch Week 1 from my Project 365 here.

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