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Monthly Goals :: August

August starting on a Monday has actually done something wonderful to my productivity. I started a new bullet journal with a great new Moleskine-style notebook I picked up from Lidl (for Β£2.50, I’m so pleased), I’ve managed to schedule a few blog posts and I’ve even been able to get back in to yoga. Two out of three of those things are on the list below, so I’m feeling pretty good!

I feel like I’m wanting to get back into this habit, and I feel much more like I have a real routine at the moment. I’m working around a schedule that’s allowing me to afford a little more time to myself rather than demanding that I devote time to commuting. I’ve seen the future and the future is the 15 minute commute. Speaking of 15 minute commutes they’re quite good for fitting a pup into the mix aren’t they?Β Β  Unfortunately, but also not, I just accepted a role as an Artworker around half an hour away in Milton Keynes so no dog but I am rejoining the ‘proper job’ club, which is pretty great!

So, here are a few of my little goals for the month of August. I feel like I’ve started off pretty easy so I’m hoping these are achievable.

  1. Get through the first month of a new Project 365
  2. I’ve been wanting to work on another Project 365 for a few years now but haven’t been able to make it over the first hurdle. With August being my birthday month and the motivation boost that came with that Monday beginning, I’m hoping to see this one through. If you don’t see any updates, you’ll know why but I’ve managed to get through this week. So far I’m saving them on Google Drive, which I’ve been using a lot for productivity-related stuff. I honestly don’t know why it’s only recently that I’ve started using it again but the integration has me so pleased.

  3. Get back on track with blog things
  4. This is something I’ve already put in to place, not so much for anyone other than myself. I really enjoy having a record to look back on and having a place to put all the photos I’ve been taking. Since I’ve posted less and less, I’ve been using my phone to take photographs more and more, not necessarily the end of the world because my phone camera isΒ , I’d just like to be creating more content.

  5. Complete Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge
  6. A few months ago I was on the yoga train (that should probably be mat) and was actually starting to see some real results. For whatever reason, I think it was mainly the fault of a few busy evenings a row, I just stopped. I had been following ‘Yoga with Adriene’s 30 Day Challenge and I just find that Adriene is great for working out what is best for me when going through each pose. I feel like home practise is definitely where I want to be at the moment so Adriene is perfect for that and it would be such a boost to get through the whole programme.

  7. Swim more
  8. Unemployment Job hunting afforded me the luxury of time, which allowed me to wander down to the local leisure centre for a swim. Now I have less of that time – and the pool has the weirdest timetable – I want to plan to make more time for swimming when I can, even if it’s just once a week.

  9. Start planning for Canada
  10. I’m off to Canada with my mum and sister exactly a month today so it’s time to start planning! We’ll be staying in Toronto, so naturally I know the CN Tower and the Ice Hockey Museum are on my list but beyond that I’m on the hunt for tips on what to see and do so send them this way!

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