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Link Love #1

Link Love - 1

Links, links, links!

Here’s a weekly roundup with a few links to things I’ve been enjoying this week.

To Read 👀

  • Small Space Style — I’ve really enjoyed reading Sophie’s blog for a little while now. She always features really beautifully-styled images as well as always having lots of useful advice on lots of different topics. Her creativity online posts helped me a lot when I made my move over to WordPress. Despite space not really being a luxury in our house, this post was great for working towards a less cluttered home and getting an eye for making the most of your space. Pretty cool what a few good furniture and lighting choices can do.
  • Paprika Chicken in a Butter Thyme Sauce — This week I made my first white wine sauce 💪. I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired in the kitchen recently but I feel like I’ve got a lot more time too so have been on the hunt for new recipes. This was so unbelievably simple and went really well paired with runner beans and rice, I was so pleased! Now I can add white wine sauce to my repertoire.
  • Can You Call a 9 Year Old a Psychopath? — Quite a bit darker than the two above links. Examining whether ‘callous-unemotional’ children are likely to lean towards psychopathy when they get older… It’s actually pretty scary when you see how some of these kids behave. It’s also totally unbelievable that camps are popping up in the US to study these children. I’d recommend this if you’re into this sort of thing, you can blame Jon Ronson for my slightly elevated interest in psychopathy in recent months.

To Watch 🎥

  • Escape and Control — I marathoned through the whole 13 episodes of this as soon as I found it. Jon Ronson investigates lots of different people who have at some point tried to take over the Internet. It includes the man who created Rebecca Black’s ‘Friday’ (WHO IS RIDICULOUS) and some infuriating academics who created a Jon Ronson bot on Twitter. The series has been on Youtube for four years now, it’s always a bit of a bummer when you find a channel you like only to also find they’re no longer uploading.
  • Unsolved: The Boy Who Disappeared — This has been doing the rounds between my friends for a few weeks now but I’m just going to put it here too. Covering the unsolved missing persons case of Damien Nettles, this is a nicely put together piece of true crime. Without spoiling it, it’s one of those that’s bound to leave you full of theories and a little infuriated.
  • Scream — I wouldn’t necessarily go so far to say that this is something I’ve been enjoying but there’s no denying that it’s been something I’ve been watching! It’s pure cheese but also pretty gorey, I’m at a bit of a loss to work out who exactly this series is for. I loved the Scream movies and this does do a solid job of being ~meta~ but it’s too much most of the time. I can’t cope with all the #hashtagviral talk and by episode 3 it got a little silly. It’s got me holding on but I don’t think I can manage another series of the mystery.

To Listen 🎧

I’m not as up to date with most of the podcasts I follow recently but I’ve noticed that even with rebroadcasts, Freakonomics Radio have been killing it! It’s actually one I look forward to every week at the moment, it makes me feel like I’m learning. 😂

As well as Freakonomics Radio, Risk! was pretty good this week. I’m mainly just sitting here waiting for Strong Opinions, Loosely Held to come back and for Sword & Scales to get good again.

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