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Never Too Many Pandas.

You can definitely never have too many pandas. As an animal lover I’m really conflicted about zoos, on the one hand there’s the happiness of the animals and on the other, there’s the conservation side of things. I feel that Ocean Park probably does do a lot to conserve China’s native animals and actually, most of the enclosures are nice and big, and that’s despite the huge theme park expansion they’ve been working on since I last visited.

I did actually lug my DSLR along for the ride for this excursion but my new snappy little Canon did a pretty swell job too – I’m actually thinking about getting my butt in gear and talking about my cameras in an upcoming post, and it’s that little camera that had me inspired.

I just felt like my blog needed more pandas and more animals, it’s been a while since my goat-crazy phase of the summer.

This monkey’s weird, human-like face creeped me out a little, sorry little guy.

Making like a panda.

Making like a dancing panda.

Panda selfie, can you tell I like pandas?

Red pandas are an acceptable panda substitute and these guys were much more boisterous than they were when I visited in 2011.

So pretty.

Weirdly, and probably second to pandas (obviously), I think the goldfish exhibition is my favourite thing at Ocean Park. I think it’s because it reminds me of my mum and it’s actually pretty neat as they include the history of the goldfish too – bit more exciting than it sounds (only a bit).

The Ocean Park cable car is still one of the quietest places I’ve been in Hong Kong, gives you time to think.

It’s days like this one where Hong Kong is a completely under-rated holiday destination, look at that sea!

Saw my first arctic fox, so that was neat.

Sloths: not as slow as you think.

For more panda-related fun, I would recommend David O’Doherty’s 100 Facts About Pandas, the most accurate panda book I have ever read.

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