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It’s getting colder and colder, and it looks like most blackberry bushes have been all but depleted in recent weeks. I saw a lot of people were picking blackberries pretty early this year, while I kept holding off and off, and I’m glad I did.

So these were taken during the final weekend in September, back when it wasn’t so cold cold. We actually went back again a week later, this time with Moon’s dad in tow, coming home with a much better haul.

A big clearing by our road is pretty much all brambles, they were only small berries really but what a treat!
In my opinion, same goes for raspberries, there’s not really any better way to eat blackberries than as they come but I’ve been pinning away finding all sorts of recipes, the first was a blackberry yoghurt cake, which thanks to a loose base cake tin ended up mainly all over the oven door, and the second were some delicious but kind of over-done apple and blackberry crumble cupcakes, I seem to have lost my mojo when it comes to a few things since we moved, and baking can be added to that list.

I wanted to show off my most recent charity shop find, a Monsoon dress down from £80 to £25 from Blue Cross Witney, sadly the pictures haven’t quite turned out how I’d like but I’m sure this dress will be getting plenty more outings so I’m not too worried.

Friends and family have blackberry gin to look forward to this Christmas, it’s infusing as I type, and we even tried our hand at blackberry jam, delicious but next year we’ll definitely need more blackberries.

I find myself very much transforming into a forager once the blackberries come out, in fact on our trip to Wales last month, I was so excited about finding so many, I even brought a bottleful home and made myself a tart.

Now that it looks like winter arriving far sooner than we would like (why is waking up in 7am darkness now a thing?), I’m really looking forward to crumbles, stews and all that other hibernation food. What are some of your favourite autumn-to-winter recipes?

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