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House – Warmed.

One down, one more to go…

I feel out of the swing of hosting, still getting used to a new area and how to use our space have knocked my confidence a little but it was so nice to gather some of my closest friends to warm our new home, and hey, it’s not even looking that bad – except the front room, but we don’t need to talk about that.

*Spot the cat-botherer
Pro tip: if you are hosting a housewarming party, potlucks are the way forward, not only will you be surprised by some of your guest’s culinary skills, you’ll also have more than enough food to go around.
Starting to wonder how we’re actually going to cater for twice the amount of people by ourselves when my family comes at the end of this month (omg!)

It was a nice, relaxing weekend, rounded off on Sunday with a trip to a (not so) local farm because we’re left-field like that.

The smallest rabbit I’ve ever seen. SO SMALL.

In other news, we’re on a painting break but even with just our stuff in and no paint, can we just take a minute to appreciate this ‘before + after’? Parts of this house are resisting my love but I think the living room has my back ♥

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