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Organised Family Fun

Currently writing this with paint splattered in my hair while I get back to feeling anxious about visitors.

We must have started decorating again!

Seriously, if anyone ever tells you to paint that awkward (super-tall) bit of wall above your stairs, just get a man in. I know it’s defeatist and lazy but that’s where DIY painting gets really hard, even with a tall boyfriend tiptoeing on a too short ladder, I’ll tell you though, for our landing, one-coat paint has been our SAVIOUR! – even if a lot of it is my hair right now.

So, I’ll be taking you back to a slightly less stressful time a couple of weekends ago, when I felt happy to have guests and actually pretty dang house-proud for the first time since we moved here.

My family on both sides is pretty big, and, particularly on my Dad’s side, we’re a lot closer than most. I think having my Gran as such a strong matriarch really helps this. My cousins and I used to go on holidays together but as we’ve grown up this is an aspect that’s fallen by the wayside a bit. As a bonding exercise, I thought a girly weekend would be fun, and a nice way to show them my new home.

We had a nice afternoon of fruit picking at Millets Farm, defiantly sat in the less than sunny garden to enjoy Pimm’s and a tasty dinner of vegetarian chilli before putting on facemasks and watching 10 Things I Hate About You. We rounded up the evening with The Babadook (which in hindsight should really have been Bend It Like Beckham but there’s always next time).

[Because it didn’t go on Facebook… ;)]

It was so nice to host guests after such a long time and not have to think about decorating or cardboard, plus, have you seen my main guest bedroom? It’s the coolest.

I hope this is the first of many weekends we have like this, family is so, so important and I think it’s especially important to take advantage of those bonds if you’ve got them, there’s always time for a catch up. I’m already looking forward to seeing the girls again for my family housewarming at the end of next month, better get down to more painting, right?

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