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I Can See My House From Here…

For my birthday last year, my sister kindly got me two tickets to go to The View at the Shard. I wanted to go when there were guaranteed uninterrupted views so I settled on June, the weekend after mine and Moon’s NINE YEAR anniversary. The view that you get from the top of The Shard really is spectacular and it feels like you’re right on top of the world, I couldn’t quite make out even my mum’s house from there, but I could see Wembley, so you know…

I’d definitely recommend a trip up The Shard to anyone, it’s a really good thing to tie into a day out in London, you only get an hour and a half at the top but that’s more than enough and it’s so cool to be able to see for miles and miles. I will say, even though we didn’t have a choice, it was worth booking in advance just to avoid the queues, it’s also an extra fiver if you go on the day compared to booking online.

I’d love to see the Sky Garden in the Walkie Talkie building, I just think it’s a neat idea. I mean, London is a pretty green city anyway so it’s almost completely pointless but it’s still neat.

Tourists ruin things a little and the top viewing platform would be perfect without them, but even so, the space itself is really nicely done with beautiful flowers and picnic blankets (that commoners aren’t allowed to sit on).

Very easy place to have a Ferris Bueller moment.

The Shard’s most popular attraction is easily the loo with a view. It even comes with a blind if you’re a bit shy about taking advantage of the view, you know, to hideaway from all those people that might spot you.

It was a great start to a wonderful day out, I love the fact that the top viewing platform is open air and I’m so glad that we picked a day with nice weather. Quite a different gift, my next birthday is now less than a month away, so I’m looking forward to seeing if she can top it. 🙂

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