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For my Walls.

Sunshine + Mushroom
It wasn’t that the flat was full of art, not by any means, but we did have a certain amount of frames on the wall. Now we’re ‘doing up’ the house, there’s a lot of bare wall space to think about.

Some of the things that used to be on our walls have been relegated to keepsake boxes, other things that have been waiting to be framed for years are still waiting. Even though we’ve no shortage of things to put up, there’s always more to find and a quick browse of Etsy has me full of ideas for our future gallery walls.

[Kate Broughton]
Just give me all the Kate Broughton things, please. This will be great to go next to our Billy bookcase bar.

[Kate Broughton]

[Finlay McNevin]

[Tim Easley]
Perfect to hang in the ‘study’ once it’s no longer full of boxes.

[Bold & Noble]

[Michael Sapienza]

[The Motivated Type]

[1st Class Posters]

[Mostly Harmless]
Unpopular opinion: I didn’t even like Breaking Bad but Better Call Saul is totally my jam.

[Smal Adventure]
I’m generally noticing a mixed up theme of films, lists and animals seems to have come together, I just felt like putting these here because I’ve not done anything a wishlist in a while and they’re all just so pretty I needed to share.

It’s funny because as I was thinking of putting this post together I came across this post on Cup of Jo about the best ways to hang art, some real sound advice.

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