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Adventures in Athens.

Hello, long time, no write.

So, Moon and I are actually currently on the third-to-last night of our two-week holiday in Hong Kong and we’ve been sharing a whole bunch of new adventures, alongside a bit of me playing (clueless) tour guide. We’ve visited temples, seen pandas and (of course) we’ve shopped, and there’s still quite a bit more left to squeeze into our last two days.

I figured that before I bombard you with Hong Kong tales and photos, I ought to share a few from last month’s trip to Athens. I was there with work and it might have been one of the most exciting things I’ve done in my career so far, not only because it was a chance to travel but also because I got the see the fruits of eight months worth of labour hanging all over the conference venue and I could say that it was me who designed it!

After 3 days of conferencing and hyping and tweeting, I was lucky enough to fit in a bit of sightseeing with some of my colleagues before flying home. It was pretty great to see the image I’d been using on banners up close in real life and it was such a beautiful day, perfect for exploring.

Aside from the ancient ruins, I wouldn’t necessarily say that Athens is my kind of city but I really enjoyed walking around and seeing somewhere completely new.

You really do get an incredible 360˚ view from the top of the Acropolis and on a day like the day we visited, you could even see the sea! ♥

The amount of times I photoshopped pictures of the parthenon in the last few months…

We did try and be up to get out early and beat the tourists after hearing tales of two hour queues. Our worries ended up being unfounded as it was just a Wednesday morning so it was fine. Naturally as with any tourist attraction though, something I have been reiterating almost every day here in Hong Kong, it would definitely be better without tourists.

Forever cat-bothering.

Plant goals.

So that rounds up the first of my two trips to Greece this year – in September it will be a visit to the islands for some R+R.

I don’t know what Moon and I are going to do with our days once we get home and aren’t running around from one side of Hong Kong to another but there’s painting to be done and furniture to be bought and built (in between, you know, our jobs) so I’m sure we’ll still manage to keep ourselves busy.

We only lived in our new home for just four days before jetting off so more than anything I’m really looking forward to making it really feel like home when we get back.

If you can’t wait for the influx of holiday spam in the weeks to come, you can follow me on Instagram, where I’m posting daily ♥.

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