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Packing Up: Useful Storage

Moving day is getting closer, so that means that all storage is useful storage, whether it’s cardboard, or something a little more fancy.

When I was sent this cute storage bag from Room to Grow it couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m always on the hunt for receptacles to put things in but due to being semi-mid-move it was a bit hard to place this at the exact moment that I wanted to get the photos ready.

Room to Grow predominantly caters for pretty bespoke children’s bedrooms so I have a pretty strong feeling that this is designed for toys or other child-related miscellanea. As a little person is nowhere near on my horizons yet, I can afford to be a little selfish and I reckon this is going to come in really useful for things like bed linen, towels and maybe extra cushions (which I’ve some how accumulated).

The bag itself is fairly sturdy and even though you do need to have something in it in order to hold it up, that’s makes it pretty good for storing away when it’s not needed – ideal for someone who’s trying to cut down on clutter.

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