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Spring in my Step.

Last weekend and the weather have put me a little way towards ‘getting back on it’. Such a good feeling for a Monday.

For the most part I just wanted to post this to share the photo below; because who would have thought that when we were first getting hammered together at university in 2007 that we would have been sat around the breakfast table on Sunday morning, eating sausage sandwiches and discussing which vacuum cleaner is best (in value + suction, in all seriousness). It really did make my heart feel quite happy. ♥

When selfie sticks go right (y)
Despite the fact that the 6 Nations final meant we spent most of Saturday inside, the whole weekend was a great opportunity to catch up (& eat & laugh & laugh) and I’m looking forward to the plans we’ve made together this year already. Speaking of which, WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?!

We attempted to get an earlier ferry but after discovering it was rammed pointed the car in a direction to explore for a couple of hours. That’s how we found adorable baby cows – who were more than willing to slobber all over any hand that petted them (my hand).

I feel like I’ve been waiting around a while to take decent photos and while these were all on my phone, they’ve inspired me to get snapping again and to realise that I actually have quite a few more nice photos from other weekends than I realise (stay tuned). The photographer in me will always think that phone photos are a little lazy but my phone camera is pretty damn great and it’s too easy to keep snapping. Still, phone photography is a habit I hope to at least break out of a little by the time we go to Hong Kong in May.

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