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Here’s to a New Living Room…

It’s not ours yet but see how it’s all square and not narrow, I’m so excited to hear when we can move in!
After a few hastily put together tweets, I guess the secret is out and after just a few short weeks of hunting, Moon and I have found a house!

It’s quite a nice house too, in Bicester, which will be new to us but is a much better location for work and therefore work-life balance. A couple of brief trips around Bicester town centre indicate that I might like it, but Oxford’s not too far away and we’ll be spending so many weekends DIYing from here to what seems like eternity that maybe it won’t matter that there’s not much of a space for weekend pottering.

I am joking, the new little house is actually in pretty great knick, with just a bit of painting to do and a tiny issue with the en-suite shower room tiles, which is mainly down the laziness rather than there actually being anything wrong – and will apparently be fixed before we move in – though it’s relatively inexpensive to do ourselves so we’re not holding our breath either way.

I am excited but I’m still reluctant to shout it from the rooftops just yet because as horror stories dictate, it could all go wrong. I hope it won’t and in my heart of hearts I don’t think it will but it’s still a (very expensive) situation to be approached with caution.

Apparently we’ve done the hard part of getting our offer accepted, a whirlwind 20 minute ride the weekend before last, exchanging 1-minute phone calls with the estate agents. Now we’re waiting on the bank to officially approve us and for our solicitors to do ‘searches’.

We’re pretty lucky that we haven’t got an upper chain so it should all run quite smoothly but I still don’t feel the actual exciting part will come until we’re in there, in our overalls painting over the current, incredibly dark, bedroom walls. DIY tips on a postcard, please.

I guess you’re to expect a few wishlist posts and other things that come with house-buying but I wanted to get you up to date before that. I’m still very much in a bit of a blogging funk but as I’ve noticed over the years this tends to happen in the post-Christmas lull so I’m sure once spring arrives I’ll have a bit more energy and motivation.

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