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Let the Search Begin!

*20-something House-Hunting Klaxon*

One of my goals for January was to have a provisional mortgage idea in place so Moon and I would have a budget to work with to get on the house-hunting bandwagon, well, check. This weekend we took ourselves round a few new developments that are closer to work and it looks like our journey has begun.

Although I’d love to stay in Newbury and it’s so much more affordable than Oxford (we won’t end up in Oxford anyway), the time and the energy we’ve been using up in these recent months has made staying here much less worth it.

I’m really pleased with our progress this weekend, armed with a healthy idea for a budget and a list of developments with showhomes we were off to an amazing start and I actually may have fallen hard for the first house we saw.

It would have been actually incredible to go for the first house we’d picked and not worry, but it’s a lot of money and there’s lots to worry about. There were a couple of cons going for this ‘dream home’, it was in the middle of the countryside (but still half the distance to Oxford than it is from Newbury) and the transport links weren’t amazing (only buses every hour, but still fine as we both drive). I was still in love but sadly it wasn’t meant to be as after returning for a second viewing of the showhome the following day we were told that it had been reserved just an hour before!

I must admit, I didn’t get why everyone said that what we were embarking on was exciting but I couldn’t help but feel a flutter of anticipation with the potential of this cute 2 bedroom semi-detached being mine. Still, I guess the hunt goes on and I have a list of places to get viewing this week.

We actually saw two potential houses this weekend, one from David Wilson (dream home) and one from Carter Jonas (the furthest from my idea of a nice house as a new home could be, statement staircase and triangular rooms? Yeah nah!). It was so difficult to gather myself and put things into perspective when I liked the first one so much and the second one was such a disappointment, so I’m pretty happy that I’ve got Moon by my side as such a realist.

The other estates we visited had the fanciest high-spec showhomes but still the dream home lingered..

This feels like a very important time in my life, which is a very big thing to say and yeah, this weekend has been a pretty exciting rollercoaster but also a total eye-opener. I guess here marks the beginning of something big.

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