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Dear Diary…

Things have been pretty text-heavy around here lately, I don’t really care though.

It’s January and I’ve felt much more like writing things than taking photographs, plus, literally my whole weekend was stolen by house-hunting, with no fruits of that labour to show.

I even made a 100 mile round-trip to look at a house we were considering (maybe) being interested in ‘off-plan’ but, and this is despite the fact it was 3 bedrooms (and a house), it was super-pokey and might even have been smaller than our current little (rented, horrible + cold) flat.

I’m not saying we’re in a slump after less than two weeks of trying, but to not find anything that’s even worth a think is kind of disheartening.

Oh well, there are a few slightly more fun things to look forward to in the coming weeks and I might get at least some of my weekend back this week. I mean I actually thought this house-hunting thing would be fun but after the third or fourth call to a different estate agent about some other house I’m not sure about it, I kind of lose steam before I’ve even really got fired up. *phew

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