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Harrods at Christmas + the £22,500 Bowl.

For the second half of our Christmassy day in London, my sister and I headed to Knightsbridge for a mosey around Harrods. As much a destination as it is a department store, it’s pretty crazy to see how the other half live – £22,500 for a crystal fruit bowl, I was dumbfounded!

Before checking out the Harrods Christmas windows, we popped over to Harvey Nichols after rumours of a Burger & Lobster. I’ve heard about them before but never had a chance to visit, but let me tell you something, I don’t think I ever want to eat out anywhere else in London! With a limited menu of a burger, whole grilled or steamed lobster or a lobster roll for £20, Burger & Lobster has essentially ruined all other restaurants for me, forever.

I went for a lobster roll (twice the size of the one I had at Neptune and Prawn when I visited Northern Ireland in September) and my sister had a grilled lobster, both were incredible. We accompanied our meal with a Hawaiian pineapple cooler for her and a grapefruit soda for me. And in case you’re wondering what a £20 burger looks like, let’s just say it’s much less impressive than the lobster – I mean, if you like your burgers to be all bap then go for it, but it’s pretty obvious that the lobsters are the star of the show here.

With our tums full of lobster it was time to hit Harrods, and I guess I’ll let the pictures do the talking from here on in. You definitely need a map, something we didn’t manage to pick up until just before we left.

I was a little disappointed to discover that the hilarious and fun pet section had closed at the beginning of the year. No cooing at £5,000 Siamese cats for me or any chance to check out potential outfits for Doll (I wouldn’t, obviously). We did manage to grab a cream tea at the tea rooms and had fun guessing the price of things, we also managed to get lost a few times but there’s nothing quite like this place at Christmas (+ toy department = incredible).

If only this guy wasn’t £72. 🙁

I pretty much want all the Stieff stuffed animals, they’d play a great part in creating an indoor jungle.

We detoured to Carnaby Street before going home, better lights than Oxford St. in my opinion. ♥

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