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Bye Bye, beard.

Moon took part in his first No-Shave November since university days and he actually managed to grow some mighty-fine facial fuzz this time around. I think if he’d carried on with it, it would have been magnificent.

I’m pretty pleased he didn’t end up going for taking part in Movember, as worthwhile a charity as it is, he does not suit a moustache, and combined with some of his recent jumper choices, it would not have been a good look.

I do kind of wish that he’d kept the beard after 30th November but I’m glad to not hear him complain anymore, maybe now he’s done it if he decided to grow a more permanent beard, it won’t be as itchy.

Here are some pictures he got me to take of him shaving it off in various stages, unfortunately our bathroom lighting isn’t the best but you get the idea. I’m saddest that he didn’t go for the soul-patch.

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