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Boxing Day in Richmond Park.

Check the standard, been-to-Richmond-Park-deer-photo-dump. After spending all of Christmas Day cooped up indoors, it was time to blow out a few cobwebs and get some fresh air.

We timed a short walk to Richmond Park perfectly between rain showers and made the most of the trip by deer-spotting in the car before we got out so we knew where would be best to park (pro-tip). I still can’t believe that my sister had never seen deer in Richmond Park other than the few times we’ve been in the last couple of years – I’ve seen them almost every time I’ve been!

Respect those antlers; rutting season is over, but we saw a couple of stags butting heads a few times in a lazy kind of way.

Deer X-ing.

Another nice stag picture to add to my collection. ♥

It’s a bit of a shame that it was such a dull day but I was pretty stoked to get to see so many deer, as always, even Red Deer, which are a little more difficult to see out and about. There were even a few fawns about, which was extra nice 🙂

Did you walk off your Christmas dinner on Boxing Day too?

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