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How Pinteresting #3.

Halloween and Bonfire Night are over, which means Christmas is coming, and for the last few weeks I’ve been researching different fonts for Christmas cards and cute wrapping ideas, I can’t help it – I guess I’m just the kind of person who really does love Christmas.

Christmas is going to be pretty great this year, it looks to be the first one that I’ll be spending officially at my mum’s house, we won’t be having turkey and it will be the first time I’ll be seeing my sister since August – Facetime and Skype only do so much of the job – I’m really looking forward to it more than usual and there are lot of other festive things to take in before the big day too!

As well as Christmas and thinking about how to wrap presents I haven’t even bought, I’ve been wrapping myself up – frosty mile-long walks from the car into work don’t really allow you to make a choice about that part – and thinking about all kinds of winter warming food.

1 // Wrapped + Sewed Christmas Wrapping – Love the idea of shaping gifts into fun Christmassy shapes. I don’t think I’d get away with this kind of intricate wrapping with Little Doll around (she’s quite the helper) but isn’t it adorable?
2 // The Perfect Chicken Noodle Soup – Another easy-to-pin recipe from the delightful, Design Love Fest, I really like this simple twist on traditional chicken noodle soup, the photo-styling is pretty great too.
3 // To the Moon & Back Playroom – Pinterest is a goldmine for cute kid’s clothes and great playrooms. I know I’m not at that part of my life, but actually that’s not the point, I’d rather have some of these spaces just for myself.
4 // Steamy Kettle – I’ve been wanting to try photographing steam myself but this photo, even though I’ve got a (less romantic) electric kettle, sums up my feels for November weekends perfectly.

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