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Broadly Speaking.

The Sunday of our Norwich city break was spent making the short drive over to take in the beautiful Norfolk Broads. I had actually hoped for a bit of seal watching but it would seem that where we went in Norfolk last year was just about the best place to go to spot them but just a touch too far for us (Moon) to drive before making the long journey home.

What started off as a crisp autumnal walk quickly turned into a damp ‘quick, let’s peg it back to the car’ walk but taking in the scenes surrounding Horsey Mere before heading to quickly get a glimpse of the sea at Sea Palling was so worth it.

I love how the harsh weather conditions of being so flat were so evident all around, some of those trees really look like they’ve lived a life!

I’m so glad we did this as part of our short trip and I definitely think there should be more excuses created to visit Norfolk at least once a year, it’s such a nice place to visit and I always wish we could stay longer.

I feel so lucky that we’ve been able to get the sea so easily in the last few months, I wonder if I’ll be that enthusiastic once December gets here.

We swung by Waxham Barn after seeing they had a craft fair, it was kind of small but I picked up a sweet fish.

The only seal we saw all weekend.

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