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I’ve Got Friends, I’ve Got Family Here.

On Monday, Moon and I went to our first gig in ages, bit of a mistake given that it was on a school night after busy days for both of us but we powered through.

We were at the O2 Academy Oxford to see Eliza & the Bear, a band I discovered back in January when I refused to listen to anything but Xfm. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times before on here and they’ve become regulars on my Spotify playlists as time has gone on.

Without meaning to sound too mushy, they’re lyrics and sound are just really uplifting and they’re a pretty great band to turn to when I need that little lift. After listening to their recordings for the best part of a year, it was the actual best that they were even better live. Opening with ‘Friends’, I was dancing from the start of their set to the end and despite Moon’s scepticism, the fact that they’re that bit heavier live, he actually might have fallen for them. So good job, guys, you’ve won yourself a new fan.

Supported by a local guy called Jack Little and (my bargaining tool for getting Moon to come) Pixel Fix, it was a really enjoyable evening and makes me excited for the live shows we have coming up in the next couple of months, after no festivals and even longer since we’ve been to an actual gig, I don’t know why we left it so long.

Highlights for Jack Little included his song, ‘Zombie’, about putting your phone away, something I’m probably slightly of guilty of but something that definitely gets annoying when you’re at a gig and ‘that popular’ song comes on, it’s the video-takers I hate.

Moon and I also loved Jack’s little mate who clearly thought the world of him and was singing along to every word, the cutest .

He might get it a lot but as a ‘guy with a 3/4 guitar’, it’s hard not to make the comparison between him and Ed Sheeran, which I hope works in his favour and doesn’t mean that he’s missed the boat, you know, since Ed Sheeran is bigshot sellout now.

I knew next to nothing about Pixel Fix other than recognising the name. They’re not what I would usually listen to but they put on a good show and their between-song patter was pretty good.

Pretty pleased I managed to get this one. o/

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