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Goals for October.

September feels like it passed in a blur, it’s the first time in ages that I’ve managed to get so many posts ‘out there’ though and I’m really pleased with that side of things.

Starting a new job has completely messed with my routine in the last couple of weeks though so the start of a new month, feels like as good a time as any to take stock and plan ahead.
After all, when you’re staying home because you’re as skint as a mint, all you can really do is make lists and plan… and do housework, too much housework.

  • Be a better friend – Take more time catch up and ‘be there’
  • Manage time better – Spend less time vegetating on the sofa and more time doing things
  • Make more me-time – It’s not to push Moon away, but I think it’s important we pursue our own interests from time to time
  • Play with Doll more – We’ve noticed that Doll actually loves it if we take a few minutes out to properly play with her, with real toys as opposed to just winding her up. When we do this, she’ll then sit with us and I mean with us, not near us and generally is much nicer. I know it’s a silly cat-owner thing to notice, particularly after almost three years but I want a happy cat and it’s such a small thing for her to ask for among the other things she needs
  • Embrace the new routine – I don’t like change but I didn’t like where I was before everything changed so this change can only be good. It will only work if I try to slot it in around things I really want to be doing, did I say change enough?

I’m hoping to not stress myself out quite as much this month and take it all in my stride. Having realised that since my birthday I’ve been caught in some really unnecessary drama that doesn’t concern me, what I’ve really been needing to do is concentrate on myself and I think sometimes that’s how it needs to be.

Hope you have a relaxing, chilled out Sunday.

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