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Autumn Everywhere & Muddy Boots.

I actually don’t mind being cold at all, it’s so easy to whack on a few extra layers if needed, it’s the darn rain I can’t stand – and the misery it brings with it.

It had been so dark and dreary lately and it’s all well and good celebrating autumn but the change in the weather isn’t really something I’m willing to get on board with.

So when the sun finally shone last Sunday, it was time to take a walk to a much-neglected favourite place and unwind. I was getting the beginnings of feeling poorly so for me it was warm enough to walk around in just a cardigan (though I didn’t quite realise that the time).

It’s a wonderful time of year to see the sun, it makes everything golden no matter what the time of day and walking around Greenham Common again was so nice, even if my favourite boots ended up with a bit more mud on them than I would have liked.

Why is it always one shoe?

All the horse chesnuts we came across had already been harvested.

Meet my new favourite skirt, it was £1, >ONE POUND!

We were able to be quite the mycologists, there were mushrooms everywhere! ♥

We rescued this little guy from spending the rest of his life on his back 🙂

The cows seemed much more relaxed than usual, I think because there were only a few dogs around but it was really easy to get up close.

There were a few bulls in the small herd we came across, I hadn’t seen any on the common before but they seemed as relaxed as the cows, which was nice to see.

Here’s to my kind of autumn day! As it gets colder, the contrast of coming home to a warm flat will be the best, it’s definitely a good idea to get out and do this more, we haven’t been for any weekend walks in what feels like ages. It’s probably best to keep on with it once Moon and I have completely shifted the last of this lurgy though.

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