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Nacho Nacho :: Chilli Fiesta.

On our travels to the Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary we discovered the delights of Millets Farm Centre. With their Chilli Fiesta falling on the same weekend that we had visitors, it was ready-made entertainment, a definite no-brainer.

After stopping for delicious lunch of barbecue pulled pork baps in the Millets Farm Centre restaurant, we had a mosey around the festival. The free samples were laid on in spades and naturally a bit of ‘ladness’ came into it, with silly old Richard trying the ‘World’s Hottest Chilli’ and crying about it (because he couldn’t help it, not because he was sad).

Always with the bunting.

There were a lot of ‘chilli-heads’ there and even though I love spicy food as it’s the first one I’ve been to, you can’t help but feel a little timid about what you try.

So pretty, I just know our limited gardening skills would end up killing them off though.

Moon tricked me into eating this one saying it tasted like lemon, which to be fair it did… lemon and fire!

I may not have had the hottest chilli in the world like this champ but I was definitely glad milk was available.

Handsome Dexter bully.
Millets Farm Centre for what it is is great, I can’t believe it’s just over 20 minutes away from us and we’ve never been before a couple of weeks ago. Complete with a cute collection of farm animals, we actually ended up spending so much time there that we missed out on the second round of the donkey sanctuary.

It was a fun afternoon out and even though one of our guests was in tears at one point, I like to think we did a pretty stand up job at showing them a nice afternoon.

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