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Film Club | August

I made it to 80 films in August, which isn’t bad even if that does mean I only watched seven. I think I’ve been wandering off doing other things and hey, August has been pretty busy. This month is definitely the most eclectic yet, even for a selection that isn’t that big.

  1. The Lego Movie
  2. Sharknado 2
  3. Jakob the Liar
  4. Life After Beth

  1. Transcendence
  2. Are You Here
  3. Kill List

Most Favourite: Kill List – This might not be to everyone’s taste but I really enjoyed it. It was so grippy and the ending gets really creepy. Despite the fact that it ends abruptly, which is something that only ends up making it more creepy, I’d say there are very few negatives. Starring ‘that one from Utopia’ (which I actually don’t care for), he really pulls it off and it really gave me a good fix of tense thriller that I’ve been after.

Least Favourite: Transcendence – THIS FILM WAS SO STUPID! The science, even if you put that aside and try and enjoy it as a futuristic fantasy, is so plain ridiculous it’s really hard to ignore. I must say, Johnny Depp does a good job of being a monotonous computer-man but I found myself getting so bored that in the end I was falling asleep. I know I’ve picked this when I could have picked Sharknado 2 (a film I also fell asleep watching) but I felt so strongly about how good this could have been that it was so totally ruined by that.

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