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Dolly @ 3.

If my calculations are correct, Dolly turns 3 this month. It’s a bit lame that I can only guess her birthday rather than know it but I figured she deserved another update all the same.

At 3, Dolly now enjoys making herself less white and sleeping on the sofa. She still loves playing with paper bags and string, trying to steal donuts and following me into the bathroom every morning.

She’s now really affectionate and as needy as she can be for her, especially if you’re first home from work – not something that’s going to happen for a little while. Our biggest milestone in our relationship is that she now purrs and comes when she’s called (sometimes). She’s still breaking Moon’s heart by ignoring him when I’m around but I’m now so much more tuned in to her selective hearing.

I wouldn’t be without her and it’s great to see that she’s still maturing and what she’s like as a grown up.

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