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#MusicMonday :: ‘Everlasting Light’

If this is something I plan on keeping up for at least little bit then it wouldn’t be quite right to talk about music on here without mentioning the band that I’ve seen over 10 times in the last three years, especially when they have an album coming out at the end of the month.

Dry the River have well and truly cemented themselves as one of my favourites, they can virtually do no wrong. Despite the fact these last two singles from their forthcoming album haven’t been the stand-out ‘Hidden Hand’ that I’ve heard when going to see them, they still hold a lot of merit and make me so excited for what they’re going to do next.

‘Everlasting Light’ is a little more edgy than anything I’ve heard from Dry the River before and reminds me a little of Taking Back Sunday. The video is neat and the lyrics of the song are as well-executed as ever so nothing but love over here.

After reading Pete’s little piece about it just after the video was released, I was happy to see a bit of Newbury-love. Did I mention that we share a local and I played a pub quiz against him over one of the May Bank Holidays this year? No? That might be because it’s not like I talked to him or anything…

‘Everlasting Light’, along with ‘Gethsemane’ and the prospect of seeing them in October has me on tenterhooks for ‘Alarms in the Heart’, it feels like it’s been such a long wait.

And to follow here are a couple of short music-related lists… I just feel like it’s nice to write a bit again and maybe I haven’t been recently, you know? When you write things all day for work, it’s another one of those situations but this is actually quite a nice bit of respite. I didn’t even realise I was missing it.

Favourite 2014 Albums so far ::

  • Sheezus :: Lily Allen
    I know so many people don’t like her, and I don’t really care why. I like everything about her and her unapologetic attitude, I even own a couple of the dresses she did for New Look. I’m a fan and I’m a fan of the comeback. I can listen to this album from start to finish, each song giving me something different. I’m not sure what I can say that’s not already been said but her social commentary is on-point and I like that.
  • The Take of and Landing of Everything :: Elbow
    If I said this was the perfect Sunday morning album, would you know what I meant… because I mean that. It’s got nice gentle Guy Garvey singing bits and nice rifty bits plus there’s a lot of love in it, which is what I liked the most about Build a Rocket Boys.
  • Jungle :: Jungle
    I think I already talked about this last week but you can have ‘Sunday morning’ albums and you can have albums that are perfect for dancing by yourself to in the car… or in the lounge… with the cat.

Most Anticipated 2014 Albums ::

  • Alarms in the Heart :: Dry the River
    As written above – after finally hearing a few new songs live in May last year, I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like an age. It will be good to finally get a proper recording of them too, they managed to transfer their great live songs so well on their last album. Even though they’re still a million miles better live, I feel like they’re going to pull this off, plus more material when I do see them live, which is always good.
  • Carry on the Grudge :: Jamie T
    After his mysterious hiatus just when he was riding high on the back of two super successful albums, Jamie T is back! Moon and I have often pondered what happened to him because we really liked him and just didn’t get it. We missed out on his upcoming, annoyingly sold through the terrible Seetickets, mini-tour but there’s hope he’ll be doing a bigger one soon – unless he still fancies the life of a recluse. The first single from the album, ‘Don’t You Find’ is definitely a grower but as it has indeed grown, I’m looking forward to hearing what he’s going to bring out next.
  • This Is All Yours :: alt-J
    The two songs I’ve heard so far aren’t as ‘alt-J’ as I thought they would be but I really like them in their own right all the same. If ‘This Is All Yours’ is on the same wavelength as ‘An Awesome Wave’ then I think we’re going to get along just fine. alt-J just seem to really know how to make interesting music.

I feel like this might be a little TL;DR but hey, writing practise so…
What’s your favourite new music at the moment?

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