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Long Weekend Plans.

The next few days are looking to be good ones.

Tomorrow, if I keep my fingers and toes crossed, I’ll be heading to Secret Cinema’s Back to the Future, 50’s costume at the ready, and on Sunday, I’ll be off for a mini-break to Bruges.

Since coming back from Portugal, I’ve realised I’d like to do a bit more of seeing the world and even though it’s only Belgium and I’m also working at saving to buy a house, amongst other things, it’s a small step towards that. Plus, going abroad twice in almost as many months is pretty lucky and I’m quite grateful.

I’m still hunting around for Bruges travel tips, but I’ve seen ‘In Bruges’ a couple of times so that’s a pretty good start, right? Mainly I’m looking forward to taking photos of the architecture, spending some quality time with my Gran and sister and making use of some of the Dutch that’s been floating around the office in the last couple of weeks.

Tot ziens ♥!

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