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FMS Photo A Day | July

Can you believe that it’s August already? I would say this year has flown by but it does feel like August should be here, it’s just that summer is flying by so quickly!
August’s arrival means that my birthday is just around the corner, plus we have quite a few other fun things planned – like that trip to Bruges that I mentioned yesterday, visiting friends and my sister leaving to study in Hong Kong.

July felt like quite a long month and I’m not sure as much heart went into these FMS Photo A Day photos as last month’s, but there are a few here that I quite like. I think I might give August’s a miss, just because I’ll be snapping lots for other reasons, but I’ve enjoyed actually finishing two Photo A Day challenges in a row.

1 // Red + White :: I hate that red chair but it matched the theme well.
2 // Something Beginning with ‘K’

3 // Match :: Probably my least favourite photo of the whole set.
4 // Star :: Giving the monkey praise where it’s due, on that evening she brought us a mouse πŸ™

5 // On the Table :: White Cherries from Marlborough fruit market
6 // View :: Walking across the green to the pub.

7 // First :: Coffee saves the morning!
8 // I’ve Never… :: First batch of proper brownies, courtesy of Cider with Rosie’s lovely recipe.

9 // Alive :: Our various veg patches are coming on strong.
10 // Sharp :: From my second batch of brownies of the week – this time for the office.

11 // Gold
12 // Interior :: I’ll never tire of my Cable & Cotton lights.

13 // Look Up
14 // Old School

15 // Torn
16 // Listening To…

17 // Sunshine
18 // Admire

19 // Curly :: Much less frizzy than it could be.
20 // Moment :: Chilling in a wigwam at the Shaw House summer fΓͺte

21 // Basic
22 // I Wore This! :: Instant after work PJs.

23 // Macro :: The lavender in bloom outside our offices.
24 // Water :: Taking care of our thirsty plants.

25 // Home
26 // Fun :: Fish taco night.

27 // Ten :: My ma brought us gyozas when she came to visit ♥.
28 // Cool :: The coolest cat.

29 // Repeat :: Time for a change of toes.
30 // Lost

31 // Rise :: feat. cat butt ♥.
I’d really like to see your efforts if you took part in this month’s FMS Photo A Day, or if you’re planning on doing Augusts. Leave your links in the comments, I’m kind of nosey like that.

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