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End of Season.

Our ‘Pick Your Own’ at Cobbs Farm Shop has now run out of everything, but their autumn raspberries are thriving and we took full advantage of this last Sunday. It’s a little ridiculous that it’s August and Moon and I were bundled up like it was autumn but it’s appropriate for autumn fruit, I guess.

I’m never really sure what to do with raspberries and usually just end up eating them as they are, very easy when they’re this good. I’m determined that if we’re able to go back before the season is out that I find at least a few fun raspberry recipes beforehand.

These were far more reasonably priced than I had been expecting, under £2 for more than we really needed, a much better deal than the pre-picked £3.50 packs they were selling in the farm shop and much more fun too!

I personally can’t wait for blackberry-picking season to get into full-swing, it’s so nice to be able to eat seasonally and ever so slightly more rewarding when it’s free.

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