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Marlborough Mooch.

I’m never sure how current/instant blogging needs to be, which I think is why I’m more of a #latergram girl than posting right away. I’d rather take it in and think about it later… probably, or I’m just a bit lazy and like I said, it’s been one of those weeks.

Even though it’s over a week ago now, I just really wanted to share these snaps from Marlborough with you. I quite like Marlborough as a town, it’s so pretty and old (and perfect at Christmas time). It might be the first time we’ve visited it when it hasn’t been pouring with rain and it was nice to check out their nice, if precariously placed in the middle of the road, Saturday market. I think next time we visit we must have a visit up the church tower, which we would have for the £2 it cost were it not for the dull day.

We stumbled across this darling alleyway that we hadn’t been down before, it had the cutest shops with the nicest window displays.

It’s nice to have a local town that’s just as good for a mooch as wandering up the town. I do like how Newbury is so close to so many places like that, it makes for interesting weekends even when we’re not gallivanting off elsewhere.

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