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Lavender Fields Forever.

Last weekend my sister came over to visit (probably for the last time before she’s off to study in Hong Kong *sad*) so I drove us down the Alton for Hampshire Lavender’s open day. I figured that given I’d been trying to persuade Moon to come with me to Hampshire Lavender Fields’ open days for some time and it seemed less and less likely as time went on, having a guest was a pretty good excuse to head over.

My sister was probably overall as impressed as I would have expected Moon to have been but I think she appreciated the rows of lavender and the different varieties, plus the gift shop was pretty neat. It was a nice place to take photographs too, I’m a little gutted that I allowed for a fingerprint on my camera lens resulting in a few weird hazey bits in these pictures.

As well as lavender there was the most impressive selection of controlled wild flowers. So many colours! ♥

We didn’t quite make the most of the £3 admission fee and didn’t even have a go on the ‘field tour’ but we did spend a good hour there enjoying the hum of the bees.

When we went to the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair, my sister came away with a whole camera roll filled with flowers from their beautiful garden. I was probably just as bad but she was determined to not do the same this time, not sure how she got on with it but I’m assuming not well 😉

Tote: Alphabet Bags

Sister wanted y’all to know that she took this, she might not have, but I think it was this one.

You can visit the on-site Lavender Fields Shop between Tuesday and Saturday and there are even (really intense sounding) tours you can do of the fields when the open days aren’t on. Now let me tell you something for nothing, nobody, but nobody, likes lavender more than the people who supply products to the Lavender Fields shop.

Wash yourself with lavender, then wash your mouth out with it too!

I think this day out really make me realise that while I like lavender, I’m not into going to a site specifically for it… I’m pleased that I got to go though and I’m happy with the nice lavender-related products I got, including a candle, tasty biscuits and incense – the candle is the best! It wasn’t quite a place to while away the afternoon but it was nice, I just enjoyed running my hands through the lavender ever few steps.

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