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Sweet, Sunny Sunday.

I love that even though we’ve been in Newbury for over two years now there are still new areas that I’m discovering and able to explore.

A couple of weekends ago we drove up to The Watermill Theatre following a sign, it’s set in the beautiful village (probably actually a hamlet) of Bagnor and comes complete with the perfect pub on the green and lovely streamside walk.

I wish it had been drier so we could have walked around a bit more – we came to a dead end thanks to mud – but it’s probably all well and good given that despite the fact it was around 4pm at this point and we were only there for around an hour, I managed to really catch the sun. I spent the hour or so before bed huffing and puffing from being so hot and bothered. Definitely not complaining though.

No long afternoon walk for us.

I’ve been seeing these flowers everywhere, anyone know what they’re called? They’re such a great colour!

Check out this bold as brass dog, just taking his time in the middle of the road.

I’m hoping to visit The Watermill Theatre for a production at some point, it’s in such a pretty spot that’s ready-made for a nice summer evening.

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