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Market Day :: Alte

I think my favourite photographs from the whole holiday were the ones I took in Alte. A short 35-minutes inland from Albufeira, we popped over to Alte for their market and were promised a traditional Portuguese town with whitewashed houses and cobbled streets – it didn’t disappoint.

The market in Alte takes place on the third Thursday of the month and despite the fact that I forget about livestock trading being totally cool in most parts of Europe (there were the tiniest baby bunnies. sad), it was a pretty good, a bustling place full of a variety of stalls.

Despite the smell I do kind of wish I’d got around to trying some salt cod, just to see you know. Reminded me of my daytrip to Tai O when I was in Hong Kong a few summers ago.

These were really some of the most beautiful views I saw in Portugal, better than any seaside sunset (although the view from our villa was pretty swag). It’s an environment so far removed from what I’m used to but in the best way possible.

It’s sounds a little morbid to say but Alte’s cemetery is definitely worth a visit. Far from being a place filled with sadness, you get more of a feeling that life and death are celebrated and honoured here, and there’s something quite heartwarming about that.

Gecko was one of my favourite Algarve finds. I don’t think you can visit Portugal without having a little chilli and to find a shop totally dedicated to it was great. I came away with some of their delightful chocolate chilli fudge, so good! ♥

The roads to and from Alte are made for fun driving, it’s a shame we didn’t have Moon’s convertible, at least we could still take advantage of the views.

I’d definitely recommend visiting Alte if you ever visit the Algarve. Despite the fact that we only really picked it because it was the only place holding a market that we could get to during our short stay, it was a beautiful place to walk around and really gave a more authentic feel for Portugal. It made a nice change from the seaside scenes we’d been used to and I guess looks ‘most like’ what you expect Portugal to look like.

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