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Faro Favourites.

Oh me, oh my, this was just this time last week!
Our last day in Portugal was spent in Faro. As we had to leave the villa in the early morning and our flight from Faro back to Bristol wasn’t until the evening, we figured that the most logical step was to have a day out in the Algarve’s capital city.

In hindsight I guess it was a little bit of a mistake, I found Faro itself a little run down and it was very difficult to kill 7 hours. We started at Forum Algarve and, feeling particularly cultured, most of us picked up McDonalds for lunch – it wasn’t bad you know…

I think all the best oranges in the square had already been picked.

The sea being so close to the railway line reminded me of a less romantic Spirited Away. We were offered to head over this bay to a nature reserve, at €5 and €5 back for such a short trip it was a little steep so we gave it a miss. Would have been cool to see what a nature reserve on the edge of a busy city had to offer though.

I wish the perspective on this was a little better, this bird’s nest was huge and plonked in the middle of a roundabout!

I guess you could say that some of the street art was a little confusing…

I really liked that so many of the houses in the Algarve were tiled, even in Faro where they were slightly worst for wear, they still helped to brighten up the neighbourhood.

After wandering through the old town and finally finding the real town, it was decided if we weren’t up for doing much then checking out the beach might be a good idea. This was the best choice, Praia de Faro is a beautiful blue flag beach which, sounds a bit weird, has the softest sea. Relaxing with a (delicious) passionfruit lemonade at Monkey’s before walking along the beach was a pretty nice way to finish up our holiday.

I couldn’t resist a paddle, even if it did mean getting a bit splashed. I kind of wish we’d made our last day a bit more of a beach-related day, although there’s probably enough to see in Faro for a few hours, with the amount of time we had to kill, kicking back might have been a better thing to do.

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