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Animal Dramatics.

I love it when a last-minute plan comes together. Being the (only slightly) meticulous planner and get-up-and-goer than I am, when I suggested last minute on Saturday morning that Moon should ask his mum to visit for the day and it worked, I was pretty excited. We already had his brother and his brother’s girlfriend staying with us so it was just like a family day out.

I had already planned on having a picnic at some point last weekend anyway – it’s just a nice way to have lunch, don’t you agree? – so we only needed to pick up a couple of extra things before popping in to Reading to pick up Moon’s mum from the train station and heading on over to Beale Park for the afternoon.

Thanks to the mammoth amount of guests we brought to Beale Park for our first visit we weren’t short of half-price vouchers and were able to get in for just £5 each. Seriously at that price Beale Park is more than worth it and it was so great to visit on a warm day when were able to explore the gardens a bit too.

Not that I mind at all, but this is definitely one of those pictures that makes me realise how short I am.



Whadda face.


Baby kune kune pigs (!!!)


I guess this is a bit of a photo-dump but I’m pretty pleased with most of the pictures I took, both of the animals and flowers and the lovely people I got to spend the day with.

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