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#1Day12Pics :: June

I’m sure that eventually I will get around to taking part in 1Day12Pics with my phone as the lovely organisers Michelle and Emma do but with the all the excitement on Saturday with the driving and the fair, and the fact my DSLR was a temporary limb extension anyway, shooting on one camera just made a bit more sense.

The 7th June 2014 saw me heading down to Kent for the Wealden Times Midsummer Fair with my sister, which you can read more about (and see a ton of more pictures from) here.

1. 9am // Putting my face on and getting ready for a long day.

2. 10am // Setting off for Kent.

3. 11am // Arriving at Hole Park Gardens and taking in its beautiful grounds.

4. 12pm // Catching all-round nice guy and Masterchef, Dhruv Baker,in the Burlanes Chef’s Theatre.

5. 1pm // Love a bit of pottering.

6. 2pm // …and a bit of moseying, our ticket to the fair included access to the gardens so we took full advantage.

7. 3pm // Beautiful secret garden vibes. ♥

8. 4pm // Stopping off at a farm shop we passed on our arrival – a lot of different coloured tomatoes were bought.

9. 5pm // Another necessary pit-stop.

10. 6pm // Ma had dinner ready for us when we got home.

11. 7pm // Latergramming.

12. 8pm // Waiting for the kettle to boil and getting a bit of fresh air post-shower in mum’s back garden and witnessing the golden hour ♥
This is the second time now that I’ve treated this little challenge as a strict ‘photo an hour’ and I think next time I’m going to allow myself to be a little more fluidity and choose twelve images that sum up my day a little better. Still, I really like the #1Day12Pics project, it’s a little more fun to do things like this and see how others are working with it too.

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