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Teatox Detox.

Yesterday I finished up my first proper detox. After seeing a few bloggers mention that they were BooTeaing and feeling a bit low about the fact that any exercise I had been doing worked more to make me fitter rather than lose weight, I figured teatoxing might give me a little bit of a boost.

The BooTea 14 Day Teatox is designed to cleanse your digestive system while keeping you energised and speeding up your metabolism. The daytime tea claims to help your body to work harder at converting food into energy to burn fat while suppressing your appetite. The ‘bedtime cleanse’ helps to clean out your digestive system, preventing excess calories being absorbed and stored as fat.

I don’t know what to tell you, I didn’t get the exact results I wanted but I definitely feel a change, which is more than I thought would happen. I definitely have more energy than I did and found that as the 2 weeks progressed, my appetite was smaller, at least I didn’t have as many cravings. While I’ve actually lost a couple of pounds, I would say it’s mainly to do with exercising and snacking less, the latter of which the tea probably helped with but there would probably be hardly any difference without the exercise part.

BooTea do provide a healthy-eating plan but I’m pretty bad at diets so just figured I would see if there were any results through my normal diet, which despite the snacks, isn’t really all that bad. Hey, it seems to have worked out alright. I think the main difference I noticed was that the fluctuation in my weight between teas, most likely due to dehydration, was pretty big, which is a little worrying but I’m hoping actual weight-loss might be factored in too.

It was just such an easy thing to fit into my routine as all I needed was a kettle and I drink tea all the time anyway. The tea itself is actually pretty nice too which makes everything all the more easy, I might even miss it now that things are going back to normal. I certainly think for a bit of a boost, BooTea is a great thing, if you’re looking for a permanent lifestyle change, a 14 Day Detox is never going to be the one but if it fits into something your already working towards there’s no harm in giving it a go.

Other things to know:

  • You are going to make friends with your toilet: It’s a ‘digestive cleanse’, even when put into more sophisticated terms it still means you’re going to need to use the toilet. It’s not pretty but don’t be a priss about it.
  • The Daytime Tea is nicer: It just is and sometimes I guess I just found it hard to drink a hot drink rather than cold water so soon to bedtime.
  • Let it brew: I think this was where I fell down slightly and probably could have got more out of it. You’re meant to let the teabag sit for 3 minutes, something I would never do with any other tea. To get the most of the herbs though, I found on days I didn’t let the bedtime one brew it really didn’t have the same effect. (tmi?)

I picked my BooTea 14 Day Teatox for £19.99 up from Holland & Barrett but they sell online themselves too. With a summer holiday coming up, I’m tempted to do it all over again in a few weeks and even if it isn’t doing exactly what it says, it is a natural product that lists all its ingredients and I have finished the two weeks feeling boosted and ready to keep working on my fitness.

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