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Saturday Snelsmore Snaps.

I was going to say it’s nice that the weather settled down but it hasn’t really, that said, it’s warm enough to go for walks after work and to get out in the garden in the evenings and play catch. It was warm last weekend though and even though it clouded over, we made the most of it and headed up to Snelsmore Common for a less swampy walk than our last visit.

We didn’t get to see any ponies like we have done before but it was nice to walk around chatting, deciding which routes to take and talking ‘big future things’ without the distraction of the TV or our phones. Moon actually might love it up there and insisted we walk up there again the next day with some old (new) Newbury friends, they did help us find a new route from Donnington Castle though so I’m not complaining.

We’ve been obsessed by ‘wild’ pine cones since seeing huge one for £20 in shop when were in Bath at Christmas. I mean really, how ludicrous, they’re free everywhere. Our favourite game is ‘how much do you reckon this one’s worth?’, the amount we’ve even seen in other shops is getting a bit silly too!

50p of pine cone.

You might have guessed it by now but I’m quite liking a bit of this landscape stuff at the moment, not sure why, I think it’s the changing of the seasons and being able to enjoy being outside again.

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