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Meaty Date Night.

To kick off our bank holiday last week, Moon and I decided to head over to Wokingham’s relatively new rib and burger-themed restaurant, Cleaver, and what an excellent idea that was!

We were more than impressed with the place, and it’s not even anything to do with the wonderfully hipster wooden décor – although that certainly helped. The food was amazing!

I’d actually read a review on Cleaver: Oxford over at The Guilty Girl at the beginning of the year and had a bit of a chat about it – Tamira was lucky enough to find the burger of her dreams, but both Moon and I were after ribs and I’m certain we made the right choice.

Opting for ribs and hot ‘n’ spicy chicken wings, the portion sizes were just right and as finger-licking good as we’d hoped. I actually find it kind of annoying when you go somewhere and come home really uncomfortably full so it was a refreshing change, even with a pudding, that we were satisfied both in quality and quantity – not to mention price!

With a couple of alcoholic drinks, two mains, two sides and a pudding, it was a reasonable £40. I’d definitely recommend the salted caramel tart. I love that everything is so simple, not to mention the fact it isn’t a huge chain, with just four restaurants in Leatherhead, Cobham, Wokingham and Oxford.

The staff were really attentive and we were served really quickly considering it was the beginning of Friday-night teatime. It was pretty busy but this branch was quite big so didn’t feel cramped or crammed in.

If you happen to have one nearby and are a bit of a carnivore like me then Cleaver is certainly a must! Now that I know it’s good, I spy a possible lunchtime treat in the future. I also need to find out if their hot sauce is available to buy because man-oh-man it might be the best one I’ve ever eaten! ♥

It’s actually been quite a tough few weeks so it was really nice to be together completely one-on-one. We’ve made a deal to try and set that time aside more often in future because it can get a bit forgotten about when you’re running around worrying about other things.

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