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Film Club | April

I found myself just as uninspired in April as I was in March – not really watching any films that I really wanted to see and not really enjoying those I did see either. I had thought that as a project this might have failed, but I’ve started May on a great note and will hopefully keep on going that way.

Watching films really is something I enjoy doing so it has been a little disheartening that I’ve gone a couple of months now without see anything I’ve really liked, not even a horror that was so bad it was good(!)

  1. Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones
  2. The Grey
  3. The Iceman
  4. Lake Mungo

  1. Oldboy (2013)
  2. Bruiser
  3. Devil’s Due

Favourite: Oldboy The Oldboy re-make was definitely one that surprised me, but it isn’t as though I have much else to choose from here. Despite loving the original, I must say, completely looking at it on its own, this film really does stand up. As with the original, once you know the twist it isn’t quite as thrilling but for an American remake they haven’t tamed it quite much as I would have thought and it’s all the better for it. Still, would have been greatly improved with an octopus scene, naturally.

Least Favourite: The Grey I’d actually wanted to see The Grey for quite some time so when it came up as being on TV, I figured it was as good a time as any. The fact it was so disappointing is what’s really landed it here when it’s up against ‘such classics’ as Bruiser and Devil’s Due. Like, the whole theme of people getting stalked by wolves is fine and all and it actually started off quite well before the plane crash but the idea that wolves are evil and vindictive in the same way that humans could be is just ridiculous. The bottom line is, if you’re stranded in the wilderness, yeah, wolves might eat you but but they’re not going to plot your demise or cackle in the background, they just want to eat.

With a pretty strong start to May already, I’m feeling a bit more positive but I’d be happy to hear about any good films you’d like to recommend, or if you have any thoughts about the films above. ♥

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