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Downtime Hometime.

I had a pretty hectic week last week, in between photographing, editing and designing I had hardly any time to decompress and finished up my Friday feeling pretty exhausted. So it was quite a relief that our weekend plans were non-existent and we were free to laze about in the sun.

I think getting outside and doing a little home admin did Moon and I the world of good, here are a few snaps from our Saturday in the garden – it started with the perfect garden picnic ♥ and involved a lot of spying on what the cat was up to.

Doll recently graduated cat-school and has brought in (and killed) two critters for us in the last two weeks.
I’m really very sad about this.

We really have a knack for growing the ugliest tomato plants going. I really, really hope we can actually grow our own properly this year, rather than leech off a plant someone else gave us.

Now strawberries, we can grow! If I’d known they were that easy we’d have a full-on patch by now rather than just a row, it’s a shame we probably won’t be here this time next year to get to enjoy even more.

I really, really love our lilac tree.

Doll’s two new favourite sleeping places, our bed isn’t good enough for her at the moment…

The sun really had his hat on for us so I’m sad to see him disappear into the cloud leaving only mugginess. I’m still thankful for longer evenings and afternoons like this though, it’s easy to forget that doing nothing is just as important as getting out and doing something.

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