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We had all our friends from uni over for a Eurovision party last weekend and had pinned our hopes on a barbecue. With the weather being as miserable as it could possibly be, Moon made chilli instead – which then went on to be lunch and dinner for the next three days after everyone left, chilli lasagne though(!) It was such a lovely weekend and so great to catch up.

Not letting the weather ‘dampen’ our spirits, after a late lunch at Newbury’s new sports bar (weird place, no windows, pretty good food), we popped over to Beale Park. I think the price always put me off a bit but it was actually okay considering all there was see there. I’m glad that the gamble paid off as it was certainly a good way to kill a couple of hours in between the downpours.

Who knew this was what mongeese looked like?

Set just off the M4 turn off for Theale, Beale Park is kind of in the middle of nowhere and houses a small but interesting collection of weird and wonderful creatures, from owls to raccoons and even has its own herd of fallow deer. I just really like places with plenty of animals to see I guess and am looking forward to going there again when it’s nice weather – hoping that doesn’t mean everyone else decides it’s time to go there to!

I’d definitely say our Eurovision party was a great success, i may not remember a lot of the contest part but the party might have been one of the best we’ve hosted in our little flat. Looking forward to Portugal with a few of this lovely lot in just a matter of weeks! ♥

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