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#1Day12Pics :: One

I’ve done lots of Photo An Hour projects before, in fact a whole year’s worth last year, but when the opportunity came up participate in something a little more inclusive and communal, I jumped at the chance.

Started by Michelle at MYcreative and Emma at Love Your Pics, #1day12pics sees the pair choosing a date where we’re all posting under the same hashtag and sharing our days.

I love this idea, similar to that wonderful Life in a Day Youtube film, it’s lovely to see everyone’s different perspective on things.
I’m afraid I cheated oh-so slightly and actually shot mine with my SLR but will definitely be picking up the next one with my phone. It’s great that the girls picked a weekend as so often am I tied to my desk during the week I doubt I’d have time otherwise.

So here is my 3rd May 2014 in 12 pictures, I’d really like to see how yours turned out if you took part! ♥

1 // 8am: I was up super-early to drop my car in for a service so was one of the first at the market on Saturday morning to get the best of the fresh produce. Being an early-bird was so refreshing, even the short walk in to town was nicer at that time on a sunny morning.

2 // 9am: I got a lot of meat from the market – a bit unapologetically carnivorous about that one I’m afraid.

3 // 10am: Getting properly dressed for the day, best brooch.

4 // 11am: Making the bed in the front room up for our weekend guests.

5 // 12pm: Shoes on, off to the farm! ♥

6 // 1pm: Riding with the roof down – big mistake.

7 // 2pm: We weren’t fans of the pub where we stopped for lunch, but it’s difficult to make good decisions when you’re hungry.

8 // 3pm: Meeting little chickens. ♥

9 // 4pm: Last little bit of exploring the farm before heading home.

10 // 5pm: Back home and time for some relaxing in the garden.

11 // 6pm: Games with Doll and her new toy.

12 // 7pm: Dinner is served, and it’s a good one. We made the most of the lack of rain and ate outside before hurrying back in, glad we braved it though!
Photography challenges are always fun, have you heard about any others?

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