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Rainy Day Rhubarb Crumble.

All this rainy weather does not make for a very active, go-getting Ruth, I’m afraid. So after a pretty powerful start to this month blogging-wise that I’m quite pleased with, things have slowed down a fair amount in these parts.

I do try and take advantage of these lighter evenings but find myself getting tied up with Great British Menu and then it’s cold and dark. It’s safe to say, I can’t wait until Summer(!)

That said, a couple of weekends ago, the miserable weather provided a great excuse to do a smidge of comfort-baking. A household favourite, rhubarb crumble cake, funnily enough, using my own recipe. I’m trying to snap as much as I can but I’m not really feeling it, I quite like these though, and a selection from the Easter weekend which I’m yet to share – stay tuned!

I love finding a recipe that just means adding to something simple, all you really need for this is a basic sponge base.

Baking has actually become a bit of a work-out since my stick-whisk decided that it couldn’t handle cake-mix.

Rescuing daffs-season is over now but it was pretty cool to have some homegrowns decorating our home for a bit.

We had enough rhubarb left over to make a couple of tiny crumbles, well, it would be rude not to!

Not too shabby! ♥

I dunno, there’s something about this miserable weather that makes me grateful for a lie-in on a Saturday morning and curling up on the sofa of an afternoon and catching up on new TV shows – our current favourite is Fargo, have you seen it?

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