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Petting ALL The Animals!

Last weekend saw us take a trip up to Ludlow to visit our friends, Richard and Fran in their new home. Although it’s not that cool that all our friends are so spread out since university ended, it’s still pretty neat that it gives an excuse to explore new places. We crammed a heck of a lot into our two-day stay and despite Richard and Fran’s panic, they were excellent at being both hosts and tour guides.

I’ve found that driving up somewhere on a Friday night, even though it makes the day longer, doesn’t half make a difference to your weekend. We definitely found this with Norfolk (despite the nightmare drive) and it wasn’t any different with this weekend getaway to Shropshire. Kind of like still going to bed at the same time on a Friday night as you would on other week nights… I said kind of.

Our first stop was the Small Breeds Park Farm & Owl Sanctuary in Kington, about a 40 minute drive from Ludlow, it was well worth the trip. For just £8.50 you can spend a good couple of hours petting miniature versions of all your favourite farm animals, from pygmy goats, to mini sheep and even cows – zebu to be precise, so pretty! Then there’s the Owl Garden, a garden just for owls. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in the area, there were the cutest baby goats who were all to pleased to be petted.

I can think of few better ways to spend a Saturday morning than wandering around a petting zoo, here are some gratuitous animal portraits I took, and a few others ::

I may or may not have squealed in delight when the mini tribe (technical term for a group of goats, yep) of kids came bounding around the corner from the ticket office.


Goat whisperer.

Going to ridiculous lengths to pet bunnies despite having a bunny at home… and the fact we were pretty sure you weren’t allowed to.

Such a happy face.

Baby Mini Zebus 🙂

So many good signs.

So I guess I’m getting my excuses in early for the photofest that still to come over the next few days but it was a wonderful weekend.

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