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Last Weekend: Ludlow

Here are the last few photos from our weekend trip to Ludlow last week. Goodness knows what I’ll write here now, hermitting about and watching Game of Thrones doesn’t exactly make for exciting things to talk about.

I feel like I’m more into it (whatever ‘it’ is) at the moment though, it must be the longer days. I’ve definitely noticed a pattern over the years, things slow down at Christmas and don’t generally build momentum until about now.

Anyway, back to Ludlow, it was so great to get out and snap away again, I’ll be looking to do it more and more as the weather improves. Ludlow seems like a lovely place for a mooch and we did a fair amount, despite one of our tour guides having a bit of a sore head from the night before. The markets, all the food, I’m looking forward to Ludlow Food Festival already.

These silk flowers were very good pretenders.

We took an unplanned detour to Ludlow Castle after finding out it was just £5 admission. I’d certainly recommend it, if only for the beautiful views. We were also treated to some massacred pigeons courtesy of a wild sparrowhawk – that last bit I guess I was less happy about but it was quite interesting, plus, nature innit?


Such pretty streets – that are apparently okay to drive down too(!)

Oh, ‘almost Wales’, you have such wonderful daffs ♥

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